Forward with Max:
A Foundation for the Future

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What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to conduct a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) of the existing MAX service. The COA will identify what works and what doesn’t in the current system, and explore ways to increase ridership and improve service efficiency and cost effectiveness. The COA will be based on community input, to ensure it meets the region’s mobility needs. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to reimagine MAX service in a way that provides efficient and effective service throughout the region.

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Why is important to conduct a COA?

Market conditions in Birmingham are constantly changing. As population and employment trends change throughout the region, it is important to assess existing transit service to ensure the service continues to meet the demand of and needs of the current population. Additionally, it’s always important to take a step back and look at service holistically to determine if resources can be used more efficiently and effectively to ensure BJCTA is delivering the best service possible within its available financial resources.

Forward with Max:
A Foundation for the Future

Short + Long Range Plans

Identifying short and long-range transit operational plans and capital finance plans

Ridership + Revenue

Determining effective means of leveraging funding to increase ridership and revenue while addressing the transportation needs of the region.

Opportunities + Needs

Conducting data-driven evaluation of existing service and performance, market conditions, consumer expectations, and future financial opportunities and transit needs

Mobility + Sustainability

Developing creative, effective, and achievable recommendations to address community mobility needs, grow ridership and position BJCTA for long-term financial sustainability

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Why now?

In November 2019, BJCTA made significant modifications to MAX service, reducing the number of routes in the system by a third and reducing service on many of the remaining routes due to decreased funding from the City of Birmingham. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic further impacted the MAX system. The COA is an opportunity to examine the challenges that led to the 2019 service modifications and to build a plan to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Additionally, the COA is an opportunity to look to the future. The City of Birmingham is currently planning for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT or Birmingham Xpress (BX) will bring frequent service and high capacity to the City. Birmingham received a federal grant for BRT, but BJCTA will operate the system when it goes into service in April 2022. Also, in 2022, Birmingham will host the World Games, an international sporting competition. The COA is the perfect opportunity to design a modern transit system that supports future additions and future, world-class events.

What are the objectives of the COA?

The COA has several key goals:

In addition, BJCTA will work with community members and leaders to establish a set of more specific goals and principals that will guide the project through completion.

Forward with Max:
A Foundation for the Future

How will the COA be developed?

The COA will take approximately eight months, and is anticipated to be completed in April 2021. The project will take place in four key phases:

Overview of Existing Conditions

  • Learn from riders about what they like and don’t like about VIA service and how they use the system.
  • Work with stakeholders to gain insight into regional priorities for transit service.
  • Evaluate current population, employment, and demographic trends as well as travel patterns and future development plans to understand potential demand for transit service.
  • Analyze service ridership and performance on a route by route and stop-level basis paying special attention to what works well and what needs improvement.
  • Review existing financial conditions to understand revenue sources and drivers in operating cost.

Goal Setting and Service Strategies

  • Work with stakeholders and community members to establish goals and priorities for future service.
  • Frame initial service concepts.

Development of Draft Plan

  • Creation and presentation of a draft service plan for the MAX network.
  • Present the draft service plan to the BJCTA Board, stakeholders, and community members.
  • Collect feedback on draft service scenarios.

Finalize the Plan

  • Incorporate feedback on draft plan into final plan and refine service scenarios.
  • Present final plan to the BJCTA Board.

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Forward with Max:
A Foundation for the Future

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